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Reading Initiative

Books allow children to become anyone, and go anywhere. Exposing children to different subjects and reading materials will spark many different interests! In addition, the opportunity to develop creativity and have the ability participate in positive experiences on their own time are our main reasons for this initiative.

Sports Initiative

The participation in sports and other physical activities have numerous benefits for children's physical and emotional health. Learning teamwork, discipline, building self-esteem and character are just a few of the mental benefits. Sports also help develop lifelong healthy lifestyle habits, and friends! Sports and physical activity, whether team based or individual, help kids become part of a community. Our goal is to ensure no child is unable to participate in a sport due to not having the means to have the equipment. Through our equipment donations, no child is left out!

Resource for The Arts

With our main mission being to motivate the youth, the website we will be building for this initiative will include tutorials and online classes on subjects such as: photography, film-making, dance, drawing, and even computer programming. The goal is toe spark the creative spirit in an individual, and hopefully they run with it!

Community Parks

One thing our community in Atlantic City is accessible parks for kids. Our first park initiative is to transform the run down basketball court area at the soverin avenue park into a new vibrant park. Our goal is to renovate the basketball court, add an outdoor gym and workout area, and collaborate with the admirable effort by SkateAC to help ensure the arts are incorporated into this waterfront park. We envision an art themed basketball court, new skate park, and outdoor gym with artwork incorporated into the entire area!

Outdoor Community Gym

This core focus of this project is to enable individuals to be able to workout for free. This is for everyone, athletes and non-athletes alike. This outdoor gym will is an extension of the park initiative on sovereign avenue, with the ideal location being right next to the new basketball court and skate park.